We could tell you that it’s our combination of contemporary, results-based training and personal nutrition advice. We could tell you that its our team of highly skilled professional trainers who make training fun and exciting. We could also tell you about our unique facilities and our supportive community of members that actively encourage and celebrate each other’s successes. Of course, it’s all of that but what really makes ABSolutely such a great place to train is that we don’t just help women achieve their health and fitness goals - we empower them to realise their potential. We know this because we are women - just like you!


At a young age I dreamed of participating in the 100 metres at the Olympic Games! Unfortunately, this option was not for Saudi Arabian girls at the time, so I joined the school volleyball team, and suppressed my ambitions.

However, when I travelled overseas to attend university, I got the opportunity to pursue my dream of sports once again and the first thing I did was join one of the sports teams. Ever since then, sports has become an integral part of my daily routine. I found happiness, I learnt discipline, commitment, and the thrill of competition, and above all, the joy of teamwork. I became a better, stronger and more balanced person.

When I returned to Riyadh, I looked for a community that represented what I had become. I searched and I searched and came to the realisation that around me there were only high rates of obesity and a general lack of healthy lifestyle options.

I have always believed that there are no limits to what women can achieve, and so the idea for ​​ABSolutely was born. It is a community of unique and beautiful, powerful girls. We celebrate girls from different backgrounds with different training needs. Whether you are a new mother, a fighter, a bride to be, or a professional with a busy schedule. All women need a personal space, not a cold hard, sweaty gym. Not just machines. Not just weight loss programmes.

ABSolutely is that personal space for you that celebrates and encourages the journey to balance and health.

I am hoping that the little girl who once dreamed of competing in the Olympic Games is now making that dream come true for all the other dreamers out there!


ABSolutely offers three uniquely functional and equipped venues, designed and catered just for women at The Studio, The Box and The Dungeon.

The personal training studio is a venue to stay in shape and maintain a regular fitness routine. It’s a community for like minded women to sweat a little, laugh a lot and walk out feeling good every week.

MOBILITY AND CONDITIONING CLASSES: Focus on dynamic and static mobility with an emphasis on cardio based workouts.

The strength and conditioning box does what it says. It is meant to strengthen you with weight training and bootcamps and condition you through our mobility training programme. Weight trainings are not just for competitions but also for daily pressure fighting. Try it!

BOOTCAMP: For those wanting to lean out utilising traditional body weight movements in a group environment.

WEIGHTLIFTING: Heavy focus on Olympic lifts and strength based training.

The Circuit Dungeon will cram longer training sessions into short interval high intensity workout programmes to keep you fighting fit. If you ever were inspired by movie workouts, this is the place to be in. Perfect for Corporate Queens!

CIRCUIT TRAINING: These classes targets strength building or muscular endurance through short circuits often with rapid movement from one exercise to the next.

FUNCTIONAL TRAINING: Provides expert coaching, blending cardio & strength training in a motivated group environment.