Gym memberships don’t come with motivation

As Saudi Arabian women embrace licensing for women’s gyms and fitness centres, many women are flocking to get their memberships and can’t wait to get started. However the percentage of women who actually visit fitness centres (after becoming a member) drops significantly over time.

There are many reasons for the drop in practicing fitness regimes regularly, especially for women; taking care of homes, work schedules, children, loss of goal focus, and many more.

Shayma Osaimi, owner of the fabulous ABSolutely all women gyms in Riyadh, advises women looking for fitness to take small simple steps.

Make friends at the fitness centre. Get friendly with the staff. This will make it easy to come over to a familiar place.

Create your body goal. Define your body goals at the begging of your membership, and remind yourself of it constantly. Let our trainers help you and guide you.

Switch to different exercises to keep boredom away. ABSolutely offers The Studio, Box and Dungeon to cater to the different needs of our members. Take a trial class in our facilities at ABSolutely and try all of our different programmes.

It’s important to celebrate your progress! Notice and reward yourself for what you have achieved at the gyms/ fitness centres. It takes effort and motivation to make a difference to your body. Once you start the process- then acknowledge it and enjoy it; your doing great!’